What Has Corey Been Doing

All I have to say is 2010 is going to be a crazy year! I can’t believe its already July! I wanted to post an update on what I’ve been up to thus far and where I’m going next both personally and professionally. I’ve been away from my blog for some time, but I’m going to try to keep posting more frequently. There were circumstances up until this point that I just refrained from posting in my free time. I’ve been thinking of topics and just creating draft posts, even if I don’t finish them right away. I’ve even been posting these from my Moto Droid with the WordPress app so I don’t forget the topic or idea. Hopefully this will help me keep on track and be able to share more ideas as they come up!


Some know I got engaged last summer and am getting married in a little less than a month! July 24th is the wedding day and I’m super excited! It has been a lot of planning and preparation, mostly taken on by my fiance Lisa.

Besides wedding planning, Lisa and I have just been getting everything set for life after the wedding. We also added 2 members to the household, first Murphy and now Weazy our bearded dragons. I’ve ALWAYS wanted lizards, ask my mom. For the longest time I wanted to get an Iguana and she would never let me, which is probably good because fresh vegetables every day would be a pain.

Oscar, the beagle, is still here as well. He’s about 5 years old now and still very active. He ceases to amaze me and seems to be getting smarter and more mature. He always had trouble listening and over the last year has started to behave better and be calm. His new trick is escaping from the kitchen after he has slowly destroyed one of the gates.


I have recently left The Karcher Group (TKG) as of July 2nd. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at TKG and learned a lot in the process. It was a hard decision to leave but ultimately for the best. I’ve taken the position as COO of Upright Publishing. I’m so excited about this opportunity to continue to grow and develop. This kind of takes me out of the day to day SEO game which I’ll miss, though I’m sure I will still keep up on things and be working on my skills. Upright will still keep me in the internet marketing space though. At TKG my primary focus was on organic SEO and social media where as now, things will be more diverse and it’s not an agency.

I’m really excited not only for this month (July 2010) but for the rest of the year! Look for more posts to come as well, I hope I can start sharing things I’ve learned and continue to learn!

Wow… How Time Flies!

I’ve been neglecting my blog for awhile now and I didn’t realize how long it has been until I took a closer look. It feels like I just wrote on it yesterday! Since my last post there have been at least 2 SEO seminars I have spoken at, 2-3 breakfast bootcamps, and a handful of other things going on!

I am going to try and make a big push to keep the blog up going forward. I’ve been learning a lot and hope to share those ideas here. Some of the things I have been learning more and more about each day are programming, SEO/SEM, affiliate marketing, business, and more. It really has been crazy. I feel like the last 3 weeks have been all over the place but it will be for the best!

Google Universal Search Putting Me Up For Sale?

I have been trying some things out with my own reputation management for the last few months. Yesterday I was looking something up and I decided to see where I ranked. I went to Google as usual, typed in my name, Corey Hammond, and here is what I got:

Corey Hammond on Google Universal Search

I wasn’t expecting this to happen by any means and it was really cool that I caught it! My girlfriend Lisa and her parents got a good laugh at it too! I should probably try to trip it again, maybe work on getting my blog to come up or get some videos going!