Shoemoney Does It Again

For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that I’ve been a Shoemoney Fan Boy for years now. I started following Shoe online and then have had the opportunity to meet him many times over the years at events like SES San Jose, Think Tank, and Affiliate Summit. I tried to find the post that I originally saw years ago but DK updated his site and must have pulled it. DK was friends with Shoe and they were running a contest for a free flight and ticket to SES I believe. I already had plans to be at SES that year(2008 I believe?) but I was curious who this DK guy was and how’d he become friends with Shoemoney! I searched him out, found out he was a chiropractor who got flamed by a bunch of people at Pubcon and got into the whole SEO space as a result. Essentially DK met the who’s who of the SEO world and networked from there. I was fascinated by his circle of friends and I decided to reach out to him.

You have to understand this time in my career, I was just into maybe my 2nd year working in SEO and I hadn’t been to a major conference yet, nor did I know anyone “internet famous” in person, I just followed them online, from Shoe to Chris Winfield to Dave Naylor to Greg Boser to TheMadHat to SugarRae to Todd Malicoat and many more I’m sure I’m forgetting. These were the people who I aspired to be and looked up to. Long story short, DK had met and was friends with most and I was just flat out curious.

Back to how I met DK… I reached out to him on Facebook of all places, looking to connect and really get more information. I was completely nervous and flat out told him what was on my mind. Not knowing DK prior, his response took me completely by surprise! He was probably the nicest guy I had ever met and after some dialog offered to help me and introduce me since I was such a big Shoemoney fan. I ended up hanging out with a bunch of my idols that year at SES and it was priceless, I can’t thank DK enough for that and everything he’s done for me since.


I only briefly talked to Jeremy at SES but I remember him asking me where I was from and I replied “Ohio”. He got this weird grin on his face and said something about having spent some time in Ohio but said it was in a small town I probably hadn’t heard of. At the time, I could tell there was more to the story but didn’t want to pry. Fast forward 5 years and now I have had the great opportunity of talking to Jeremy many times over the year and I now have most of the story about Ohio that he released in his new book “Nothings Changed But My Change: The Shoemoney Story”.

Whether you know Jeremy or not, I highly recommend his book. I read the whole book in a day, it was that captivating. His stories and schemes are hysterical. You quickly find out in the book, as you do on his site, that what you see is what you get with Jeremy. He’s straight to the point and delivers it however he feels.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the book:

Be willing to do what other are willing not to do.

When you accept the impossible you start to find solutions.

Thanks Jeremy for everything you’ve done for me and everyone else.