Southwest Airlines Imposses Dress Code on Kyla Ebbert

I got home from work today and I got back on my computer to mess around. While I was sitting in the kitchen, my dad got home and turned on the TV. The Dr. Phil Show was on…not exactly the show I would have picked. He had Kyla Ebbert on his show today. She is suing Southwest Airlines for making her change clothes to get on her flight. I think its pretty ridiculous of them but that’s not the point of this. Here is a video from YouTube:

Now…the real purpose of this article! During the show, Dr. Phil had a representative for a competing airline on the show, Virgin Airlines. *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* What a marvelous display of taking someone’s bad PR and turning it into good PR for themselves! This representative gave free tickets to Kyla AND wants her to be on an inaugural flight of theirs coming up.

But wait a minute! Thats not all!

Then…that slick Richard Branson’s and his Virgin Airlines gave tickets to the WHOLE audience! WHOA! Talk about good PR and a slap in the face to Southwest Airlines!

I wonder how much they paid Dr. Phil for this??

Cognitive Code – SILVIA AI

So Teddy Ruxpin came across my Google RSS feeder this morning…what a blast from the past!

Teddy Ruxpin

CrunchGear has apparently take the article down since then but the article was about Cognitive Code Corp. and their SILVIA artificial intelligence(AI) products. Their products look sweet, I mean, I would love to talk to my PDA or car! One highlight is that “SILVIA is a complete system for the development and deployment of intelligent applications to almost any computing platform or operating system, with a technological core that allows humans to interact with computers in completely natural and intuitive ways.”

Remember Knight Rider’s KITT? This could be KITT brought to life to some extent! They claim their system can be integrated through some development tools and API. I cannot wait until AI starts to integrate with everything from cars to cell phones to search engines to social networking!

Any other cool ways this technology could be integrated??

Yahoo Mash Social Network

Apparently Yahoo is about to launch their social network called “Mash”. Personally, I like to watch people take shots for the stars. Yahoo and MSN are chomping at the bit to catch Google…There are a TON of social networks like Myspace and soon to be Mash that are chasing after Facebook. Everyday I see more and more social networks launching.

What is Mash’s selling point? It’s a Yahoo product? Thats going to help get some initial subscribers but long term its not going to be a Facebook unless there is something Yahoo has WAY up its sleeve. From the early reviews/reports, it looks like Mash is going to be a wiki-social network where you can allow users to edit your profile if you want. I just see that as a big pain. I have one friend who will change things just because and I would ultimately just turn the feature off.

Apple To Enter The FCC Auctions?

My opinion…Apple wants to ride on Google’s coattails! Maybe they are a little addicted to fame? They saw Google get huge news over their proposal to the FCC and they got huge hype with the iPhone launch and can’t get enough of the blogsphere going crazy over them!

I think Google makes for an awesome bidder for the proposed wireless spectrum. They have the capital and the products to make for a great wireless company. Imagine devices such as the iPhone with the power of all the Google applications and tools with you at all times? Not only Google Search, but Google Maps, Froogle, and Google Local. These tools are getting more powerful with time and at a consumer’s finger tips on the go with an interface that integrates them efficiently? It sounds great! Local meets Froogle…consumers win in price, and so does the company offering the lowest price(if this were a perfect world).

Now lets take a look at what Apple has to offer. Devices. That pretty much sums it up. They have money, but I don’t know that media devices are going to do it. Plus, who wants to trust an Apple wireless company after they picked AT&T as the wireless carrier for the initial iPhone launch?!? Didn’t anyone watch David Pogue from the New York Times’ video IPhone: The Musical. Check it out, its great! The part that sums it up is right at 2:40! I laugh every time!

I can’t wait to see how the FCC wireless auctions turn out! Tech companies vs. Telecom companies! I hope Tech wins so we can see some revolutions in the wireless industry!

Introducing Corey Hammond

Welcome to my blog! My name is Corey Hammond, if you couldn’t tell by now! I’m currently working for The Karcher Group as an SEO Specialist. I’d like this blog to server as a community for me to learn from people and maybe someone can pick something up from me. I would like to focus on general ideas on life, some sports, and technology including wireless and SEO (search engine optimization).

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