I’m Back to Blogging

I know, I know… we’ll see how long this lasts. It seems like once a year I have this great idea to start blogging again, and lets be honest, I normally get caught up in the shuffle and this becomes a distant thought. Really, I just like jacking my site up once a year and changing the themes back and forth 🙂

I come into it with high aspirations and to let people know whats going on which me, my family, and my businesses. Brain Host has exploded and that is really the motivation behind why I’d like to make this a habit. I want to share a bunch of what I’ve learned, the good, the bad, and the funny. We had an amazing first year in 2011 and are positioning ourselves to have another good year this year. We have a handful of awesome projects that we’ve been planning since the fall and they are starting to take shape quickly. We’ve also been growing internally in regards to our staffing. I’m truly excited with the direction we’re going and ultimate it will help our customers much more.

So stay tuned… or maybe I’ll fall off the horse here in another week 😉