Everyone is a Social Media Expert

In this day and age, anyone can be a social media expert. Jeff Foxworthy of Blue Collar Comedy does his famous redneck jokes. Here are the social media expert versions:

You know you are a social media expert if….

  • You’ve played with Twitter for 5 minutes
  • Your friends, coworkers, or bosses forced you to join or learn Facebook and you created one of those, you think
  • A blog is state of the art and your pages still end in /?p=123
  • You’ve uploaded a video of your pet to YouTube
  • You can rattle off 5 social networks with out stuttering… those are social networks, right?
  • A bookmark is something you literally still put in a book
  • You’re learned how to create multiple social profiles, have them all linked together and post the same message to all of them at the same time, every time.
  • When someone asks you for a digg you ask where the hole is
  • All your social media strategies consist of just Twitter and Facebook
  • You went to a chamber of commerce meeting and knew more than everyone there about social media
  • After attending a 1 hour social media bootcamp, you now can teach others everything there is to know about social media
  • Your Twitter ratio is 50 followers to 1,000 following, maybe they will recognize you and follow back
  • All of the posts you make on Twitter are to your own stuff, and as always, you’ve posted the same thing to all of your profiles
  • You use the words Facebook and Twitter so much in conversation they end up losing their meaning
  • You say I just joined ‘insert latest and greatest Twitter-killer social network name here’  more than once a week
  • A website is optional in your social media strategy, you have Facebook, right? Who needs a website then.
  • You’ve charge anything for the creation of a free Facebook page, the value is in just having one, people will just find it then
  • You have your own workshop or seminar that you promote and teach the same stuff over and over again
  • Your previous careers were either insurance, recruiting, landscaping or you just graduated college with a marketing degree and now you do social media marketing
  • You approved a comment on your blog where someone let you know your RSS feed was broken in Google’s Chrome browser when it first launched and you thanked them and then spent 2 hours trying to fix it
  • There is nothing in the social space for you that is older than 14 months

Social media is constantly changing and there is always going to be something new. Just because it is new, doesn’t mean its going to work either. Its fine to jump on the bandwagon and learn a new social network but to promote it too early wouldn’t be fair to whoever ends up using it thinking its going to be effective. There is a lot of wasted time in social media because people are either on the wrong social network, promoting to the wrong people, or using social media improperly. There isn’t a wrong way with social media, a strategy may work for someone, but it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. There are a lot of best practices you can find online but take everything you see or hear with a grain of salt. You need to test and prove everything for yourself with your situation, product, industry, etc.

A social media expert is a really hard title to hang your hat on. I feel I know a TON about social media, and have been referred to as a social media expert at times but I feel I’m more of a social media enthusiast over anything else. I do join all the latest and greatest social networks when I can, I do try to participate and everything else. With my new role at Upright, I’m slightly removed from the day to day need of keeping up like I used to, but I still do it because its a passion. You can tell when someone really knows their stuff by digging deeper past the buzz words and the facade that people put on.

Bonus: A good friend of mine started an AWESOME hash tag on Twitter, right when I started writing this post. He has some hilarious tweets about the social media challenged. #youmightbeSMchallenged