Yahoo goes naked for CSS Naked Day

Today is CSS Naked Day. The goal is to help promote Web Standards like html and xhtml by getting rid of your style sheet. In support of this, it looks like Yahoo has gone naked in their search engine results!

Also baring it all is The Karcher Group!

Here is more information on CSS Naked Day.

Anyone have more examples of sites dropping their CSS and going naked?

Yahoo Mash Social Network

Apparently Yahoo is about to launch their social network called “Mash”. Personally, I like to watch people take shots for the stars. Yahoo and MSN are chomping at the bit to catch Google…There are a TON of social networks like Myspace and soon to be Mash that are chasing after Facebook. Everyday I see more and more social networks launching.

What is Mash’s selling point? It’s a Yahoo product? Thats going to help get some initial subscribers but long term its not going to be a Facebook unless there is something Yahoo has WAY up its sleeve. From the early reviews/reports, it looks like Mash is going to be a wiki-social network where you can allow users to edit your profile if you want. I just see that as a big pain. I have one friend who will change things just because and I would ultimately just turn the feature off.