Cognitive Code – SILVIA AI

So Teddy Ruxpin came across my Google RSS feeder this morning…what a blast from the past!

Teddy Ruxpin

CrunchGear has apparently take the article down since then but the article was about Cognitive Code Corp. and their SILVIA artificial intelligence(AI) products. Their products look sweet, I mean, I would love to talk to my PDA or car! One highlight is that “SILVIA is a complete system for the development and deployment of intelligent applications to almost any computing platform or operating system, with a technological core that allows humans to interact with computers in completely natural and intuitive ways.”

Remember Knight Rider’s KITT? This could be KITT brought to life to some extent! They claim their system can be integrated through some development tools and API. I cannot wait until AI starts to integrate with everything from cars to cell phones to search engines to social networking!

Any other cool ways this technology could be integrated??