Colin’s Charity

Guest Post: Colin Brimfield

So I need to write a post about a charity to get into a charitable poker tournament. After doing some research and considering my options I am choosing The Sierra Club. As a kid I grew up on camping in California. We spent time in the western, southern and eastern sierras. Places like Owen’s Valley, Big Bear, and Yosemite are some of the most beautiful spots on earth. It’s truly awesome how many great ecological wonders are available in California and the western U.S. in general.

The Sierra club represents people like me, environmentally conscious regular people who love nature. I am no saint when it comes to the environment but I do what I can and I try my best to protect and enjoy what we have. The Sierra club is one of the oldest and most well respected environmental organizations and clubs and it makes an impact. I would encourage anyone I meet to do 2 things: go to California to see Yosemite and the Sierras and read about The Sierra Club.

Future Hope Charity

Leading up to ThinkTank this year DK and Andy ran a contest to benefit a charity. The charity they were promoting was Future Hope. I had never heard of this charity before but I read into it when DK and Andy were talking about it. You can see how Andy has been involved with this charity in the recap that DK gives here. Guys like Shoe, DK, and Andy are real inspirations to me for the work they do and giving back.

This is what Future Hope does:

Future Hope provides education and career opportunities to poverty stricken communities through the use of technology.

The Mission of Future Hope is to provide education and career opportunities to poverty stricken communities through the use of technology. Future Hope will:

  • Utilize technology and the Internet to provide training and support through local mentors, online training, and person-to-person communication. Local mentors would be trained by the local church community network.
  • Introduce basic business skills to the communities.
  • Introduce opportunities for the communities to accept contract technical work from established firms.
  • Aid the communities in achieving self-sustainability of the program in a few years time frame.
  • I would check out their site and get involved. It’s really amazing what people are doing to help out!