Google Universal Search Putting Me Up For Sale?

I have been trying some things out with my own reputation management for the last few months. Yesterday I was looking something up and I decided to see where I ranked. I went to Google as usual, typed in my name, Corey Hammond, and here is what I got:

Corey Hammond on Google Universal Search

I wasn’t expecting this to happen by any means and it was really cool that I caught it! My girlfriend Lisa and her parents got a good laugh at it too! I should probably try to trip it again, maybe work on getting my blog to come up or get some videos going!

Google’s Domination-Satellite Radio

I love the rumor mill! David Utter over at is stirring up an article done by Zachary Rodgers at ClickZ about Google making a play for satellite radio provider Sirius Radio.

Google has been in the news for awhile in regards to making advertising plays in many distribution channels besides online. They are trying to do TV, radio, and even newspaper ads. I’m constantly impressed by Google and their management for going horizontal with their business and getting their hands in different jars. From a long term perspective, it gives them a lot of stability and growth.

It will be interesting to watch this rumor develop as time goes on and see if and what Google will do with Sirius. I can understand buying them, but is it really necessary to own them to do radio advertising? I guess it would make it interesting since they seem to be trying to make that same play with cell phones next year during the wireless spectrum auctions!